About Us

Nordic4 is based in Bristol and was founded in 2017 by Katie Atkins. The ethos of Nordic 4 is a focus on proper technique, so developing a deeper understanding of one’s body, improved fitness and a sense of well being.

Our beautiful walking locations provide stimulating and challenging terrain which can be taken at your own pace. We predominantly teach Nordic Walking on The Downs, Blaise Castle Estate, Leigh Woods or Ashton Court, however, Nordic4Work can meet you at your work or school location.

Nordic4 places real importance on the individual, recognising that not all walkers are the same. Katie Atkins, Rachael Wilson and Liz Lewis tailor sessions to individual needs so that all walkers can achieve their potential. The variety of teaching sessions offered by Nordic4 for Adults, Teens and Children reflects this ethos.

Katie Atkins

“Hello, I am Katie and I am the proud founder of Nordic4. A qualified Nordic Walking instructor with 26 years experience teaching in the Primary Sector,I offer a unique combination of high quality teaching practices and technique based learning. A PE specialist (working with mainstream, gifted and talented and SEND pupils) for 12 years I enjoy thinking of all the different ways to adapt my teaching to enable walkers of all ages and abilities to achieve and enjoy Nordic Walking."

“All of my courses, whether adult, child or teen, have the outcome of ensuring each and every individual fulfils their potential and personal goals .Teaching walkers in all weathers, taking in the sights, sounds and scents of the different seasons adds a layer of mindfulness too so that all walkers feel that Nordic4 really is “Exercise for the body and relaxation for the mind”

“Get in touch to see what Nordic Walking with Nordic4 can do for you.”

Katie’s qualifications: Primary Lead PE Teacher, BA Hons, PGCE, PE Mentor for Wesport, INWA Nordic Walking Instructor, Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Walking (YMCA Award), British Nordic Walking For Children Instructor, Fully Enhanced Nordic4Kids DBS, Outdoor First Aid Qualification, Fully Insured, Certificate in Walking for Parkinson’s Disease (Connect Neuro Physiotherapy and accredited by International Nordic Walking Association)

Rachael Wilson

“Hello, I am Rachael, a qualified INWA Nordic walking Instructor and I have had the privilege of being involved with Nordic4 since its inception, teaching teens alongside Katie at the weekend. With thirteen years’ experience supporting junior school children in specialisms including Occupational Therapy and Physical Education, I have worked closely with Katie and a number of physiotherapists to help pupils reach their potential. Teaching with an understanding of tailoring lessons to individual needs, has been key to improving the physical strength and general well-being of all pupils enabling me to adapt my Nordic Walking teaching methods to suit children, teens and adults.

"For me, Nordic walking has so many benefits: freedom to exercise out in the fresh air, it takes me away from life’s everyday stresses and strains, gadgets and screens, allowing me to fully appreciate and enjoy the beautiful open spaces around Bristol. I find Nordic walking totally invigorating. It gives me a full body workout, strengthens my core and provides me with a real feeling of improved wellbeing. On a personal level it has helped alleviate back pain, by aligning my body and ensuring correct posture. It has helped with migraine headaches too.

"Nordic walking is definitely addictive and sharing the pleasures and benefits of this sport through teaching others is an absolute privilege!"

Rachael's qualifications: INWA Nordic Walking Instructor, British Nordic Walking for Children Instructor, Adult & Children First Aid Qualification, Fully Enhanced Nordic4kids DBS and Fully Insured.

Liz Lewis

“Hello, I’m Liz, a qualified INWA Nordic Walking instructor with over 2 years of Nordic walking experience. I recently left the corporate world after 22 years looking for a better work-life balance. I have a degree in physiotherapy giving me an in-depth knowledge of the workings of the human body, movement and gait, as well as an ability to tailor sessions to the needs of the individual. I am passionate about the positive effects Nordic Walking has on both physical and mental health, providing exercise outside in nature and social contact.

"For me, exercise is a personal journey, very much tailored to the individual. The positive effects of exercise on mental health are well documented. Nordic Walking is truly an exercise for everyone; the poles provide improved stability and support for the joints as well as a way to increase pace and use additional muscle groups for a full body workout for those seeking improved fitness as their goal. (Nordic4 sessions are provided in small groups to ensure we deliver a bespoke service, tailored to your individual needs)

Liz's qualifications: BSc (Hons) Degree in Physiotherapy, INWA Nordic Walking Instructor, Outdoor First Aider, Fully Enhanced DBS and Fully Insured.

What people said about Katie...

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"You’re a great teacher! You’re knowledgeable & very encouraging, which helps us extend beyond our limits."

H Rolston

"Thank you Katie for getting me this far. You are such an inspirational and patient teacher."

C Gibson