Beginners Follow-Up: Advanced Technique for mixed terrain (5 Sessions)

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This is a Nordic Walking Course to fully master the Advanced Nordic Walking Technique (International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA) Programme) for walkers who have completed the Beginners Walking Taster Course with Nordic4. See main description below for more information.

Please note we are able to provide walking poles for these sessions and can also provide a pole loan for practise between sessions.

After booking, Katie will contact you to arrange the dates, times and locations of your teaching sessions to suit you.

Do call Katie on 07970 741320 if you would like to find out more information about these sessions and how they could help you with improved fitness and well-being.

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  • Learn how to further develop your Nordic Walking Technique with a fuller extension and “Catch and Release” of the poles, increased propulsion of the body and the engagement of over 90% of the body muscles, as derived from cross country skiing.
  • Learn how to adapt your technique for uneven ground, steps, slopes and hills and understand how the poles can protect your joints whilst also helping you achieve a fuller body aerobic workout.
  • Enjoy the varied scenery and terrain of the different Bristol locations learning new walking routes whilst you build your technique effectively in sessions tailored to you.
  • Block of 5 lessons to fully master the full 10 step International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA) Programme.
  • This course is for walkers who have completed the Beginners Walking Taster Course with Nordic4.


  • Nordic 1:1 – 5 x 1 hour sessions – £150
  • Walk with friends – 5 x 1 hour sessions – £125 per person

Location: Lessons by arrangement on The Downs, Blaise Castle Estate, Leigh Woods or at Ashton Court at a time convenient for you.

Pole loan: We are able to provide walking poles for these sessions and can also provide a pole loan for practise between sessions. Personal pole loan costs £50. See our COVID Code of Conduct for hygiene information.

What To Wear


Please ensure you wear layers of clothing to keep warm. Long loose trousers, a shirt, a fleece or sweatshirt and then a lightweight cagoule/waterproof coat in the event of rain. These layers can then be removed or then added one layer at a time if needs be.


Walking boots with a flexible sole and with a deep tread are best footwear.

Do ask Katie if you need any advice about the above.

8 reviews for Beginners Follow-Up: Advanced Technique for mixed terrain (5 Sessions)

  1. Sue Gwilliam

    When a friend asked if anyone was interested in pairing up with them to do a Nordic Walking course, I decided to take up the challenge, with an open mind on how I would find it. I had walked with trekking poles but hadn’t done Nordic Walking before. After a very professional and helpful one-to-one session with Emma, in which she familiarised herself with my particular health background and fitness level, my friend and I then did five graded sessions together, with Emma taking us through all the techniques, from basic to more advanced, and giving guidance and support tailored to our individual needs. At the end of the course I can say that I learned a lot and it was great fun. By the fourth session I was so convinced of the benefits of Nordic Walking to whole-body fitness and co-ordination that I bought my own poles (which I have now used on local walks). Thank you Emma for a wonderful introduction to Nordic Walking, which I now continue to do as part of maintaining my health and fitness.

  2. Mike

    I signed up for the advanced technique course after a one-off beginners session, and I’m so glad I did. I’ve found Nordic walking to be a great way to improve my core and back strength without causing me the back issues I’m prone to. It’s also a brilliant cardio workout, with the added benefit of giving you access to fresh air and nature.

    Katie was an excellent teacher, she was always positive and encouraging but also kept pushing me to improve my technique and learn good habits.

    While the introductory lesson was enough to get me hooked, I’d really recommend taking this extra course as there’s a lot more to learn about covering different types of ground, and making sure your technique gives you the most fitness benefits.

  3. Sally Willcox

    I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed the 1-2-1 sessions with Katie to learn Nordic walking. Katie is lovely, clearly incredibly knowledgeable and her enthusiasm for Nordic walking is infectious. I’m already pretty fit from lots of running, but I was missing out on an upper body and core workout and was recommended to Katie by a friend who had impressed me with the muscle tone of her upper arms.
    Through the 5x 1-2-1 sessions Katie has taught me the advanced techniques and I was surprised to find myself learning something new at every lesson! The time whizzed by and it has been enormously enjoyable. I’ve not had chance to try out any of the groups yet although I fully intend to. In the meantime I’ll be taking my poles on holiday with me to practice my technique and add an upper body workout while I’m hiking.

  4. Erica Hogg

    Thank you Katie – you’ve opened up a whole new world for me with Nordic Walking! The more I do it, the more l like it. Already, just at the end of the beginners follow up course, I’ve seen parts of Bristol’s fabulous green spaces that I didn’t know existed. I’m looking forward to exploring further….

    With Nordic Walking, my personal preference was to make sure I really “got” the proper technique – surely that’s the way to maximise the benefit? The 1:1 Beginner sessions really ensured that. A bit of a financial investment – but worthwhile, it seems to me, to get the foundations right at the start (the rate of progress is good when you’re the sole focus of a session).

    Katie is a great teacher – endlessly patient, kind and encouraging, yet very clear and persistent about how to improve and get the best out of the technique. Just what I wanted. Very many thanks!

  5. Nicola Johnston

    Katie is a fantastic teacher. She has that rare ability of parting with a large amount of information whilst encouraging and nurturing those in her care. My husband and I have had separate 1:1 lessons due to Covid restrictions and, after only three lessons each, have mastered enough technique to tackle really tricky terrain. Not able to ski this year has been made all the better by learning to walk the Nordic way with poles, waterproofs and sturdy boots. It is the closest feeling we have had to being on the slopes! Lessons with Katie really do cater for the individual, no matter your fitness level or injuries. Thank you Katie for your patience and care.

  6. Julie Seary

    I would thoroughly recommend learning Nordic Walking with expert tuition from Katie. I was unaware of all the benefits of this type of exercise and as someone with a back condition I have been pleasantly surprised that this low impact exercise enables me to exercise aerobically and work my muscles without pain to my back. I think 1-1 lessons are invaluable to master the right technique to get the most benefit. Katie’s instruction is so clear and logical and she does this in a professional, friendly and fun way. I was also impressed with Katie’s excellent observational and listening skills which she used to suggest adjustments I should make to try and perfect the technique . I’m looking forward to joining some of the walking groups to develop my Nordic Walking whilst enjoying the great outdoors at the same time. Many thanks to Katie.

  7. janash

    I’d wanted to try Nordic walking for a while as although I’m a keen walker I felt this would add another dimension to my love of the outside and walking. I have throughly enjoyed every lesson with Katie, she is full of energy and enthusiasm which makes the hour a pleasure. It’s a lovely form of exercise as you really feel your whole body is being worked and it’s a great way to focus your mind just on the technique. I would really recommend Katie as a teacher and having on to one is a great way to improve quickly. , I’m looking forward to joining a group now and doing lots more Nordic walking.

  8. Mary McConalogue

    I was lucky enough to take part in an introductory session with Katie. I quickly realised that I needed to do the beginner course of 5 sessions! Nordic walking has improved my fitness and stamina and introduced me to new people. I highly recommend Nordic 4 to anyone who wants a new challenge.

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