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Nordic4’s Beginner Courses are walking programmes for fitness and well-being tailored to your individual needs. You can learn on your own or with friends!

Specialising in teaching technique, Nordic4 ensures you can learn, understand, and apply the correct Nordic Walking technique from Foundation to Advanced level so that you can fully benefit from your Nordic Walking. See main description below for more information.

Poles are provided for you.

After placing your booking, Katie will contact you to arrange your teaching session at a time and location to suit you. Please ensure all new participants have completed the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire before sessions begin.

Do call Katie on 07970 741320 if you would like to find out more information about these sessions and how they could help you with improved fitness and well-being.

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  • An hour Taster lesson to learn the INWA Nordic Walking Foundation steps.
  • Learn to understand how your body moves in the walk with a focus on posture and gait.
  • Learn how to use the poles correctly, building the Foundation steps at a pace that is right for you and feel the joy of Nordic Walking.
  • Learn how to engage and work the different muscle groups through your Nordic Technique so that you can fully benefit from your upper and lower body exercise programme.
  • Nordic Walking poles or ‘Adapted’ ( Moulded handle ) Walking poles are available for you to ensure you have poles that are tailored to your needs.

Poles are provided free of charge for this Taster Session: See our COVID Code of Conduct for more information.


  • Nordic 1:1 – £30 – 1 hour
  • Walk with a friend – £25 per person – 1 hour
  • Nordic with Friends – £25 per person – 1 hour

Location: Lessons by arrangement on The Downs, Blaise Castle Estate or at Ashton Court at a time convenient for you.

Please ensure all new participants have completed the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire before sessions begin.

Thereafter, we suggest a block of 5 lessons to fully master the Advanced Technique, including up and down hill technique, walking across different terrain or to further embed the Foundation Steps.

What To Wear


Please ensure you wear layers of clothing to keep warm. Long loose trousers, a shirt, a fleece or sweatshirt and then a lightweight cagoule/waterproof coat in the event of rain. These layers can then be removed or then added one layer at a time if needs be.


Walking boots with a flexible sole and with a deep tread are best footwear.

Do ask Katie if you need any advice about the above.

9 reviews for Beginners Walking Taster

  1. Sarah Bartlett

    Discovering Nordic Walking under Emma’s helpful, watchful eye was SO helpful. I had been struggling to maintain my walking because of hip pain, but learnt so much about how to walk in a way that supported my hip and that I could incorporate into my general walking.
    Thank you!

  2. Kathryn Bateman

    Really wonderful, patient instruction. I would highly recommend to anyone. I am moderately fit and this was both suitably challenging whilst also really enjoyable. I look forward to further sessions!

  3. christina hallett

    Katie is a great teacher. Really enjoyed the lesson and feedback. Got a taste for Nordic walking and realised it would do my posture and muscles/tendons some good. Now regularly practise what I learnt.

  4. Mina

    Katie’s approach is individually tailored and thats what makes it unique. She gets an understanding of your capabilities and works with you. It gave me more confidence. It was a fun lesson and am looking forward to joining the team walks.

  5. Steve

    Katie’s teaching is precise, concise and inspiring!
    We got to understand how and why Nordic walking could be such a powerful part of an exercise regime. I can’t wait to put it all in to practice.

  6. Pat Brodie

    After carrying around a newsletter about Nordic walking for more than three years, I finally made the effort to book a session. I have been living with Parkinson’s disease for over 10 years and the motivation and energy to remain active does not come easily. I was also shy about being in a group and learning something new. I can’t believe how lucky I was to book with Katie for the introductory session and then the five follow-ups. Katie is an excellent teacher, extremely knowledgeable about bodies (and Parkinson’s) and from the first session has helped me to stay motivated and to keep trying. She is thorough, a real professional – she is also compassionate and kind. As an experienced teacher she has what it takes to get the best out of her students. Best of all, her classes are 1 to 1 which represent great value for money and no need to be scared off by a large group of learners. As I approach my 66th birthday I am feeling fitter and stronger than ever. Thank you Katie!

  7. Jo

    I had a feeling that Nordic Walking might benefit my 83 year old mother and so we booked a taster with Katie.
    I watched how Katie, in a friendly, firm and very encouraging way showed her how to walk. Before the lesson Mum told me that she would probably only do 30mins but she walked for an hour.
    She suffers from osteoporosis and her balance isn’t very good but I saw her walking with a straight back and with more confidence as the hour went by.
    Mum was really enthusiastic and has booked her first five lessons.

  8. Katie Kennedy

    This beginners walking taster is brilliant to teach you physically how to walk firstly without the poles, then how to incorporate them into your Nordic walking. What I enjoyed most about Katie’s style of teaching is that it encompasses fully enjoying nature and I found the body checks very mindful and gives you a break from day to day thoughts and routines. The downs are a beautiful location to do this. There are also many physical benefits such as improving posture and balance. I would highly recommend a beginners taster to anyone if any walking ability and any age.

  9. Carole gibson

    With great fear and intrepidation I attended the beginners
    Walking taster session, having had great difficulty walking at that time. Katie gave me confidence in what I could achieve in just one session.
    I enjoyed the sessions which followed. Thank you katie

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