Challenging Nordic Fitness

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£10.00 (1 hour session)

Thurs: 9:30-10:30am


Join Katie for a fun and enjoyable Nordic Walking fitness programme to get you fit and motivated whilst meeting others. Feel refreshed, positive and enlivened!

Each week we enjoy walking at a moderate to brisk pace, enjoying a variety of Walking Fitness exercises and embed your more advanced Nordic Walking technique.

“I love Nordic walking! The Challenging Nordic Fitness session is a sociable, energising and revitalising workout in rejuvenating nature led by true professionals.” Julie Seary

These sessions will increase your fitness, balance and coordination using the beautiful terrain of the Downs, Leigh Woods, Blaise and Ashton Court to full effect.

These sessions are available to walkers who have completed a Nordic4 Beginners Follow Up Course or Technique Top Up Course with Katie.

Looking for a high-intensity walk to help build endurance and increase your fitness level further? Try our Nordic Blast sessions.

Please select the sessions in the calendar below to start your booking.

Do call Katie on 07970 741320 if you would like to find out more information about these sessions and how they could help you with improved fitness and well-being.



These classes take place at the following locations:
  • Ashton Court Golf Course - Car Park, Ashton Court Estate, Abbots Leigh Rd, Long Ashton, Bristol BS41 9JN, (map)
  • Ashton Court Mansion - Lower Car Park, Ashton Court Estate, Long Ashton, Bristol BS41 9JN, (map)
  • Blaise Castle Estate - Main Car Park, Bristol BS10 7QT, (map)
  • Blaise Castle Estate - Coombe Dingle Car Park, The Dingle, Bristol BS9 2PA, (map)
  • Blaise Castle Estate - Hallen Close, Bristol BS10 7QZ, (map)
  • Abbots Pool - Car Park, Abbots Leigh, Bristol BS8 3RR, (map)
  • Clifton Downs - Cafe, Clifton Bristol (map)
  • Clifton Downs - Saville Road, Clifton, Bristol (map)
  • Clifton Downs - Sea Walls, Clifton, Bristol (map)
  • Leigh Woods - Car Park, Abbots Leigh, Bristol BS8 3QE, UK (map)
  • Leigh Woods - North Road, Abbots Leigh, Bristol BS8 3QE, UK (map)
  • Old Sneed Park Nature Reserve - Off Glenavon Park, Bristol BS9, UK (map)

7 reviews for Challenging Nordic Fitness

  1. Claire

    Me time, mental health survival kit, great for the mind body and soul, friendship, improving whole body fitness and balance, future proofing my body and mind, joyful, confidence building.

  2. Julie Seary

    I ❤️ Nordic walking!
    The Challenging Nordic Fitness session is a sociable, energising and revitalising workout in rejuvenating nature led by true professionals.

  3. Mary McConalogue

    I decided to try Nordic walking a couple of months ago with 2 friends. We are really happy to have chosen to go with Nordic 4. Katie has been so patient and encouraging, a great teacher. We are now enjoying weekly walks with Katie, while improving our technique and fitness. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Mary McConalogue

  4. Kate O’Mahony

    I recently saw the consultant who operated twice on my fractured elbow in 2018 – it’s hard to say who was more excited as we looked at the xrays together! Weekly Nordic walking under Katie’s positive and tireless instruction has played a huge role in recovery as my elbow extends now so well. Feeling strong and fit I’m sure nobody notices my once very bent and stiff arm. Thankyou KA!

  5. Jane Vause

    I learned Nordic Walking with Katie a few years ago, and periodically do the ‘Come for a Walk’ walks. Katie’s an outstanding teacher, very thorough and focuses on each individual in the class, ensuring that good technique is maintained and no bad habits slip in. She also challenges us to stretch ourselves and improve our fitness – but always a very personalised approach. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

  6. Liz Lewis

    Katie tailors each session to you so that your exercise regime is bespoke. Week by week you can see your fitness improve but it’s such a pleasure exercising in the gorgeous countryside that you almost forget you’re doing it! It’s a wonderful, mindful way of exercising.

  7. catharine o’mahony

    Nordic walking with Katie is one of the highlights of my week, I never imagined so many beautiful walks were right here on our doorstep! An hour embracing the fitness challenge with gentle reminders on technique is a really fun way to enjoy our lovely countryside – always goes too quickly!

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