Nordic Medley: Fitness, Technique, Well-Being and Guided Walks


£100 (5 sessions)

A 5 session block to help you gain the most you can from your Nordic Walking : It really is a workout for the body and relaxation for the mind. All teaching will be tailored to you.

Progressive walking programme that further embed technique improving fitness. Be challenged to improve your stamina and cardiorespiratory fitness and be invigorated in sessions tailored to your individual needs. Feel a sense of well-being as you re-energise in beautiful surroundings, learn more about Nature and find peace of mind in the Great Outdoors.

Katie will help assess your current fitness, whilst showing you how the INWA Nordic technique and exercises can help improve fitness and core stability. She will help you immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Nature introducing you to Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing) and guide you on stunning Nordic walks. A truly wonderful Nordic Medley.

All sessions will take place in our beautiful Bristol countryside and surrounding landscape, where we will find space and terrain to teach you safely and effectively.

After booking this activity, Katie will contact you to arrange your teaching session at a time and location to suit you. Please ensure all new participants have completed the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire before sessions begin.

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1 review for Nordic Medley: Fitness, Technique, Well-Being and Guided Walks

  1. Anne Sharp

    Such a lovely walk today. I’ve felt quite zen all afternoon!

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