Nordic4 Joints: Osteoporosis, Arthritis


Support, Encouragement, Achievement

£10.00 (1 hour session)

Wednesday 2-3pm

Location: Sessions take place on the Downs (Sea Walls) on grass area between Ivywell and Circular Road (map)


These sessions are available to walkers who have completed an initial Nordic4 Joints Beginner Course with Emma.

A walking group for the independent walker, who may find it difficult to walk for an hour due to being impacted by Osteoporosis or Arthritis. Sessions are taught by Emma who has the time to listen, is able to understand your physical complaint and can adapt the Nordic Technique and walking time for you when necessary. In these sessions periods of walking are punctuated by regular stops for appropriate exercises.

Sessions are friendly and aimed at building your confidence as well as giving you an opportunity to walk with others. Teaching allows for differentiation in walking distance and differentiation in technique and pole type.

Come and join Emma knowing that she is there to support, encourage and help you achieve. Read more about The Benefits of Nordic Walking for Joint Pain.

Please note: In the current Covid climate, you must be able to walk without support at a distance of 1-2m from your Instructor.

Please select the sessions in the calendar below to start your booking.

Do call Emma on 07512 038175 if you would like to find out more information about these sessions and how they could help you with improved fitness and well-being.


1 review for Nordic4 Joints: Osteoporosis, Arthritis

  1. Anne S

    Walking with Nordic4 means that I can now go up and downstairs without knee pain, and can kneel for much longer periods without discomfort. It feels like a miracle but it’s simply walking consistently using the Nordic Walking technique which allows you to move the joints in a supported manner. It doesn’t happen overnight, and getting the technique right is really important, but it really is worth persevering. It’s also great fun and when Covid restrictions permit, it’s lovely to get together with a group of other Nordic walkers.

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