1:1 Support to Sport Nordic Walking Fitness

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£40 (1 hour session)

Support, Encouragement, Extension, Achievement

These sessions are available to walkers who have completed an initial Beginner Taster Session, Beginner Follow Up Course with Katie/Emma or have experience of Nordic Walking.

Return to physical activity after injury or surgery
Build your walking confidence
Progress your fitness at an appropriate pace

Sessions are delivered in a friendly and supportive way with a focus on your individual requirements. We do teach walkers with a range of medical conditions, and these are discussed prior to each session.
These sessions are led by Emma a doctor with 20 years medical experience and a fully qualified Nordic walking instructor.

Set Fitness Goals that are right for you
Enjoy your exercise and be appropriately challenged.
Progress your fitness, reach new milestones, achieve your goals.

Sessions are delivered in a friendly and supportive way helping you gain the most from your Nordic Walking Technique to increase fitness. This varied programme of Walking Fitness incorporates balance, coordination and muscle strengthening exercises ensuring an upper and lower Body workout in teaching tailored to you.
These sessions are led by Katie an Instructor in Nordic Walking for INWA and British Nordic Walking.

Before booking your session, please call Katie on 07970 741320 or Emma on 07512038175 to book your session date in the diary or if you would like to find out more information about how these sessions could help you with improved fitness and well-being.

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Please ensure all new participants have completed the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire before sessions begin.

Session dates, times and location are by arrangement after booking.

What To Wear


Please ensure you wear layers of clothing to keep warm. Long loose trousers, a shirt, a fleece or sweatshirt and then a lightweight cagoule/waterproof coat in the event of rain. These layers can then be removed or then added one layer at a time if needs be.


Walking boots with a flexible sole and with a deep tread are best footwear.

Please contact us if you need any advice about the above.

11 reviews for 1:1 Support to Sport Nordic Walking Fitness

  1. Pat B

    I started Nordic walking with Katie Atkins some 4 to 5 years ago, having read a magazine article about the merits of this rewarding ‘sport’ and in my case, ‘treatment’. I have been living with Parkinsons disease for over a decade. I enjoy physical activity and like to keep active. The Parkinsons diagnosis flattened me. After completing my first introductory session of Nordic walking with Katie, I could tell it was going to be the right type of ‘treatment’ for me. Using that term, serves to remind me that I must continue Nordic walking for the rest of my life -as frequently as I am able. It is not an option or a sporting choice. The entire service, advice, guidance and encouragement that comes from Katie and her team is 100% professional. I feel very looked after and safe every minute of time that we spend, working and walking together. She is a continual inspiration in my life and my Parkinson’s continues to be held at bay with Nordic walking playing an integral part of my wellbeing.
    Pat, 68 years
    Retired midwife

  2. Jo W

    “Emma is all you might ever hope for from a teacher, especially when you might be nervous, self conscious or unsure about your abilities. ” Jo W

  3. Alison Cossons

    Recently returning from my family holiday in the Isles of Scilly, I just have to write to say how grateful I am to Emma for her excellent 1:1 sessions preparing me for walking over sand, many types of coastal uneven ground, in/out of small boats, up/down deep steps and achieving an average daily 11k step count, being able to join my family without trailing behind. Emma’s careful planning led to my lessons being tailored to strengthening activities which simulated the movements needed on holiday. Comparing to my previous holiday, this year I was able to experience much more on foot and feel confident in my body alongside my hypermobility, all helping to have a happy holiday. Thank you Emma!

  4. Gill Head

    Ever since my first taster session with Katie four years ago, when thought I’d never get my head, arms and legs all working together at the same time, I have never looked back! Katie is a friendly, patient and professional teacher.
    Through my 1:1 sessions I have been able to focus on my areas of concern and have seen a marked increase in my stamina, balance and muscle tone. Katie takes so much effort in planning and preparation to make sure that every session can be adapted to suit me perfectly. I am learn something new every time and remember things I’d forgotten!
    I also really enjoy being part of a group in one of the weekly walking fitness sessions. The groups are great way to socialise and get a work out at same time, whilst making new friends.
    Since joining Nordic4, Katie has introduced me to beautiful green spaces in and around the Bristol area which I did not know existed and which I now regularly enjoy with friends and family. Thank you Katie!

  5. Claire

    Katie is a wonderful teacher. She tailors each session exactly to your needs – from a mindful de-stress to challenging intervals that really improve your fitness. My fitness, strength and balance have improved so much through my 1:1 support to sport sessions over the last year. Thank you Katie.

  6. Vivienne Lewis

    I had Nordic walked in the past but not for sometime so in second lockdown decided to book in with Katie to improve my technique and fitness . After a beginners follow up course I joined the Challenging walking group and then when current lockdown started moved onto 1-1 support to sport sessions. I can’t believe how much my fitness has improved and how invigorated I feel after all my sessions with Katie. She really is great at explaining and encouraging and brilliant company too !

  7. Francis Charnley

    I have severe osteoporosis with a degree of chronic pain but wanted to walk more than I could. Katie was recommenced to me. She impressed me considerably during my first introductory lesson as a knowledgable ,empathetic and excellent teacher. The following five lessons I have just completed have confirmed this. My posture, stamina and fitness have all improved. I am grateful to Katie and would strongly recommend her.

  8. Heather Harrison

    I booked a series of 1:1 To Sport sessions to finally get fit. Katie created a personalised programme which has been motivating, varied and
    challenging. It included interval training, targeted muscle group exercises and hill work, as well as great walks in different areas of beautiful Bristol. Katie is an outstanding teacher – professional, knowledgeable and thorough. After just a few weeks my stamina and endurance have massively improved. I feel stronger and my walking technique is much better. I have enthusiastically looked forward to each session and now plan to join the Challenge/Challenge Plus Nordic Walking Group, which is something I never imagined I would be able to do. Thank you Katie!

  9. Jo B

    My 83 year old mother suffers from osteoporosis and her balance isn’t very good but I saw her walking with a straight back and with more confidence.

  10. Vokes87

    I originally had 1-1 followed by group lessons with Katie two years ago to help my posture as I have Parkinson’s. She is a brilliant teacher: she explains and demonstrates techniques clearly, she corrects you when necessary without making a fuss, is very enthusiastic and encouraging and obviously loves her job. Nordic walking did help keep me upright until the last 8 months when I have developed a serious stoop, making me walk doubled over. Today I had a 1-1 with Katie. She had brought a pair of poles of a different style to mine which she thought would help and she gave me exercises to do. Within half an hour she had me standing so much taller and I now feel there is hope for my back. I’m looking forward to my next 1/2 hour session. Thank you Katie, you are a star!

  11. Pat Brodie

    After carrying around a newsletter about Nordic walking for more than three years, I finally made the effort to book a session. I have been living with Parkinson’s disease for over 10 years and the motivation and energy to remain active does not come easily. I was also shy about being in a group and learning something new. I can’t believe how lucky I was to book with Katie for the introductory session and then the five follow-ups. Katie is an excellent teacher, extremely knowledgeable about bodies (and Parkinson’s) and from the first session has helped me to stay motivated and to keep trying. She is thorough, a real professional – she is also compassionate and kind. As an experienced teacher she has what it takes to get the best out of her students. Best of all, her classes are 1 to 1 which represent great value for money and no need to be scared off by a large group of learners. As I approach my 66th birthday I am feeling fitter and stronger than ever. Thank you Katie!

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