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Katie Atkins, Instructor and Nordic Walking Fitness Instructor for INWA and British Nordic Walking teaches these Technique based refresher sessions for Nordic Walkers in Bristol.

Let Katie help you gain the most benefits from your Nordic walking. Learn how to fully utilise and develop your Nordic Walking Technique to engage key muscle groups to give a fuller body workout.

Open ground, slopes, or uneven ground…there is technique behind it all ensuring that you can both enjoy and benefit from your Nordic walking in a way that is right for you.

Dr. Thorwesten of the University of Munster, Germany, showed that muscle exertion in the arms (11-14%), core, and legs increased when walking with poles, as opposed to regular walking, and the participant’s endurance increased significantly. However, the benefits were seen only in those who used the correct Nordic Walking technique.

“My posture, grip and pole placement were not quite right, but I couldn’t work out exactly what was wrong. One Technique Top Up session later with Katie on The Downs and I am really motoring again!Katie is an excellent teacher, very encouraging without being patronising…My lousy technique was basically deconstructed and rebuilt correctly- all in just one hour! I can thoroughly recommend Katie for a Technique Top Up session.” Jan Jones

Do call Katie on 07970 741320 if you would like to find out more information about these sessions and how they could help you with improved fitness and well-being.

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  • Nordic 1:1 – £40 – 1 hour
  • Walk with a friend – £35 per person – 1 hour
  • Nordic with Friends – £35 per person – 1 hour

Location: Lessons by arrangement on The Downs, Blaise Castle Estate or at Ashton Court at a time convenient for you.


What To Wear


Please ensure you wear layers of clothing to keep warm. Long loose trousers, a shirt, a fleece or sweatshirt and then a lightweight cagoule/waterproof coat in the event of rain. These layers can then be removed or then added one layer at a time if needs be.


Walking boots with a flexible sole and with a deep tread are best footwear.

Please contact us if you need any advice about the above.

9 reviews for Technique Top Up

  1. Jan Jones

    I have used Nordic walking poles for regular walks for the last 3-4 years or so, after initial training in Devon. But I was aware that my technique had slipped somewhat, as my regular walking group do not use Nordic techniques. My posture, grip and pole placement were not quite right, but I couldn’t work out exactly what was wrong. One Technique Top Up session later with Katie on The Downs and I am really motoring again! Katie very quickly spotted all areas where I was not doing things correctly, then gave me specific correction points for each problem area. These were then combined so that my walking once again felt fluent. I could immediately feel the difference in my arm muscles. Katie is an excellent teacher, very encouraging without being patronising, able to adapt her explanations to further clarify, using visual aids as well as demonstrations. At the end of our session, I was given some drills to practice. My lousy technique was basically deconstructed and rebuilt correctly- all in just one hour! I can thoroughly recommend Katie for a Technique Top Up session.

  2. A

    Did the technique top-up with Katie, it was fabulous & she gave me some very good advice on how to get the most out of the Nordic walking technique without having to increase speed.
    Very much look forward to more walking with Katie & Nordic4

  3. H

    So – all during lockdown I had continued Nordic walking – one household, only two people, the rule of six then repeat!!

    The friends I walked with all mentioned we missed tips from our instructors – so we tried to remember what would have been said!!

    Then restrictions were eased and I could book a technique session. So I arranged a session with Katie. She checked out my fitness and then we moved on to tips to help me get the best out of the 10 step technique. I had become a little rusty on some of the steps. The hints were given in a constructive and friendly manner.

    I love Nordic walking and am pleased I signed up for the session so I can get the best out of my walks.

  4. Dave

    Having walked for several years I had not had a technique session since before 2020 lockdown. The session with Katie was very instructive and gave me some very useful tips and reminders. Now to put them into practice!

  5. Jane

    I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Katie. Her enthusiasm was infectious and the hour went so quickly. I found the session very useful as Katie gave me some excellent advice on how to improve my technique (along with the reasons why). I am looking forward to continuing to work on my technique using what I have learned in the seasonal walks.

  6. Valerie

    The lesson with Katie was excellent. In a few minutes she identified what I could do better. Her explanations were really clear. She also gave me great advice on using the walks as a stronger workout, using different muscles, without having to go necessarily faster. I do recommend it

  7. Anne Sharp

    It’s been challenging but great fun improving my technique with Katie. She’s passionate about getting things right so that you get the full benefit. Who knew my arms would feel so tired after a walk?! One more of my 5 lessons to go. I’m looking forward to then joining one of her walks.

  8. vokes87

    I originally had 1-1 followed by group lessons with Katie two years ago to help my posture as I have Parkinson’s. She is a brilliant teacher: she explains and demonstrates techniques clearly, she corrects you when necessary without making a fuss, is very enthusiastic and encouraging and obviously loves her job. Nordic walking did help keep me upright until the last 8 months when I have developed a serious stoop, making me walk doubled over. Today I had a 1-1 with Katie. She had brought a pair of poles of a different style to mine which she thought would help and she gave me exercises to do. Within half an hour she had me standing so much taller and I now feel there is hope for my back. I’m looking forward to my next 1/2 hour session. Thank you Katie, you are a star!

  9. Alison

    Absolutely poletastic! Excellent refining techniques contributing to improving my overall fitness, losing weight and increasing my walking pace. Just back from my Cornish holiday where I could walk on a part of a coastal path and over long stretches of sandy beaches at the same pace as my family when walking with the poles using some of the advanced techniques. My daily step count has increased and I am keen to increase it further using the techniques being taught in the tech top-ups. Thank you Katie!

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