Courses for Adults

We offer a range of adult walking courses which are tailored to individual needs. Walking poles are provided for all lessons and are available for a loan fee with a returnable deposit required.

Nordic4 Beginners

Learn to Nordic Walk 1:1 or with a friend(s)

Nordic4's Beginner Course is a walking programme for fitness and well-being tailored to your individual needs with an emphasis on technique.
Learn the first 5 INWA Foundation steps, how your body moves and how to engage and work the different muscle groups.

Beginners Follow-Up

5 Session Course

A course of 5 lessons to fully master the full 10-step International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA) Programme for walkers who have completed the Beginners Walking Taster Course with Nordic4. These sessions will include up and down hill technique and walking across different terrain.

"Who knew walking could be so much fun and so challenging! From intense interval training sessions that are improving my fitness to peaceful mindful walks when life is just too much, Katie caters for just exactly what you need. I have so enjoyed learning this new skill, getting into nature and seeing parts of Bristol I didn’t know existed."



Weekly Walking Fitness

Exercise for the Body and Relaxation for the Mind

Walking programmes that further embed technique improving fitness. Make friends whilst you exercise in the Great Outdoors in sessions that are tailored to your individual needs. Feel a sense of well-being as you re-energise in beautiful surroundings.

Each week in all the sessions there is a different focus which over time will help to deeply embed your Nordic Walking technique and also help with balance and muscle strengthening as well as fitness (tailored to you). This is all done through a "Walk" appropriate to each session, exploring the countryside and estates of Bristol.

"Come For a Walk" sessions: Gentle 1 hour walk in beautiful surroundings. Suitable for those wanting to build up their Nordic Technique and walking fitness.
"Challenging" sessions are designed around alternating periods of high- and low-intensity activity using Nordic Technique, the terrain of the Downs and slopes and hills of Leigh Woods, Blaise and Ashton Court to full effect.

Seasonal Walks

Walks For All

Join us for our seasonal walks exploring the beautiful local areas of Bristol and further surrounding countryside.

Catch up with others as we enjoy the changing seasons and all they offer. Open to all walkers these walks are all walked at a steady pace.

"By using the poles you reduce the strain put through joints, thus targeting specific muscle groups as well as fitness.
Definitely worth a try!"

Liz Lewis

"With Katie’s Excellent tuition and fun classes I have managed to Nordic walk my way around the Austrian Alps! Nordic4 has transformed my walking. Thanks Katie!"

Lynn W

Technique Top-Up

Refresh your technique

Bespoke 'top up’ your technique sessions with Katie for walkers who have completed a walking course with Nordic4 or who have experience of the International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA) Nordic Walking 10 Step Technique.

All our lessons are tailored to the individual and can be adapted for those with Parkinson’s, hyper mobility or mobility issues.

Try a Nordic Walking Away Day for your workplace

Looking for Nordic4Kids and Nordic4Teens walking courses?

"Thank you for a brilliant experience - there is definitely more to Nordic walking than meets the eye. I feel thoroughly relaxed and invigorated."

Anna Oldfield

Physiotherapy, Bristol