Nordic 4: COVID Code of Conduct and Risk Management

Please click the links below for extra Government guidance on a return to Physical activity.

Government guidelines for an outdoor sport or physical activity event

All walkers and Instructors must adhere to strictly following the guidance on: websites.

Nordic4 would like to make it clear that anyone who is symptomatic or suspects they have been exposed to the virus, should they be Instructor or Walker does not take part and remains at home.

Nordic4 Teaching:

  • Lessons will be available for 1:1 Sessions and small groups of up to 5 or 8 walkers for Adults dependent on the ability of groups. Teens will be in a group of up to 12 Walkers. Both walkers and instructor will both be responsible for maintaining recommended social distance during each session.
  • Nordic4 Covid Code of Conduct and Risk Management will need to be read and agreed by the walker prior to their teaching. No booking will be completed online until this is completed. The PARQ form must be completed prior to teaching.
  • Walkers must keep Nordic4 updated of any changes in Health status in compliance with government guidelines and update, when necessary, their PARQ form online.
  • An outline of each session will be explained clearly to walkers by the instructor, so that the teaching focus of each session is fully understood.
  • Locations for walking will be chosen by Nordic4 based on the ability level of walkers, the session booked (Gentle Walking, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Teen), the teaching focus and social distance consideration.
  • Use of mirroring, shadow teaching, role modelling, “follow my leader” to be used in teaching for effective delivery of sessions. There will be no physical contact. When walking uphill walkers will be reminded to be in a zig zag single file with clear distancing.
  • Minor First Aid / Emergency First Aid: Nordic4 will be following guidelines set out here as recommended by St. John’s Ambulance.

You should also enforce strong hygiene measures. This might be cleaning any equipment rigorously in line with wider guidance on hygiene, for example by using antiviral spray and washing hands thoroughly before and after use.

In addition: Nordic4 have taken into account:  Guidance for cleaning items.
Nordic4 Response:


  • Walkers to use their own poles to prevent cross contamination but pole loan will be available to Beginners. Straps and poles will have been disinfected and poles kept, as is our normal practice by a new walker, if continuing with Beginner Follow Up Programme. Walkers, as is Nordic4 Practise, buy their own poles to use in all Adult Group sessions. There is no pole loan for Weekly Fitness Groups.
  • Teens are encouraged to buy own poles or provided with poles to keep on loan. New Teens are provided with disinfected straps and poles to then keep on loan.
  • For added protection walkers can wear gloves: (cycle gloves, thin leather gloves to be recommended as they give the best grip whilst retaining a sense of contact with the poles unlike woollen gloves).

Hand apparatus (weights, squeezy balls), benches, gates:

  • Until further notice small hand apparatus will not be used.
  • If needed for rest benches will be used in Gentle walking session. Walkers will be shown how to stand up using poles for support rather than placing hands on the bench. Hand gel will also be offered to walkers before standing up.
  • Walks will be planned to avoid use of gates where possible. If gates are used hand gel will be used to disinfect hands after use.

Instructors will carry hand sanitising gel and disposable gloves at all times.

It is critical to follow Government Guidance at all times

Please note that this guidance may change at any time. Please do keep an eye out for further communication from Nordic4 and the UK Government.