Effectively managing Symptoms of Menopause and Hypermobility – A Case Study

Alison has hEDS ( hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), a heritable connective tissue disorder causing hyper flexible and unstable joints, pain, fatigue and altered proprioception amongst other symptoms.  Together with gaining weight during menopause and experiencing plantar fasciitis in one foot then the other, her usual mobility was further impaired. Her family love walking together but Alison was finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with them and to cope with walking on uneven ground.


Alison before Nordic Walking began

26th October 2017

Alison after Nordic Walking teaching

12th November 2020

Since Oct 2017 a bespoke 1:1 Nordic4 Walking Programme, using the INWA 10 Step technique helped Alison to learn how to walk with improved posture and gait, using the “push” through the poles to increase the strength in her core and “Extension and Catch and Release” to work her Upper body muscles. As her Nordic technique improved Interval and Endurance Walking Fitness activities were added into her sessions improving Alison’s general fitness helping her lose weight and increasing her walking speed. The poles have played an important part in providing stability around her joints and also sensory feedback, helping to improve her proprioception. Over time, she has become more energised and walking in the fresh air all year round has improved her confidence as well as her sense of well – being.

“The INWA Nordic walking Technique and 1:1 Teaching have helped me walk on uneven, wet, muddy, leafy ground with confidence and my daily step count has massively increased. My balance, stamina, strength and coordination continue to improve and on family walks I can now keep up with everyone. I now have the confidence to walk on my own and within a Walking Fitness group. Nordic Walking has changed the way in which I walk, even without the poles. I can see that my posture and gait have improved, I have lost weight and feel fitter.”

Alison 2020
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