Gait and Balance – A Case Study

Since October 2017, I have been teaching the INWA Nordic Walking technique to Carole who walked with stilted gait , unbalanced core and no arm swing.

We used Nordic Walking to increase core stability, extend her arm swing and improve her gait whilst also building up her confidence in walking with and without poles. Her extraordinary progression over the last three months shows how 1:1 teaching to individual needs has really helped her.

October 2017
Carole walked with a stilted, automated style gait and poor balance.

December 2017
Carole has more fluency in her walking movement and is starting to swing and extend her arms further whilst using the poles for support.

January 2018
Carole now has fluent gait, a stronger core, extended arm swing and has walked without support.

Thank you Katie for getting me this far. You are such an inspirational and patient teacher.


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