Nordic4: Helping You To Keep Walking (out of lesson time)

Hello Everyone,

We are fortunate to have a form of exercise in Nordic Walking that can take us into the great outdoors, enjoying the fresh air even in these unusual times.

I believe in the current climate we can see Nordic walking as an enjoyable form of exercise that can also bring a sense of perspective and calm by being surrounded by nature but within government guidelines.

Walk Route maps

  • Enjoy a chance to be mindful and immerse yourself quietly in our beautiful surroundings by walking the walks that I have shared with you. If you would like me to send you a walk route map, do just get in touch.
  • If you want to add in your own elements of fitness when out walking just remember to:
    • use your knowledge of INWA Nordic technique to engage and disengage the different muscle groups to vary your Nordic workout.
    • use natural markers of trees and shrubs for your Walking Interval Fitness Programme and monitor yourself through the Talk Test at the right level for you as we have covered in our sessions.

Gentle Walking:
A weekly phone catch up

  • We will keep in touch with our Nordic4 walkers for a weekly catch up to see how you are and give any extra top tips for exercising whilst in lockdown / isolation or to see if we can help you in any other way.

Never hesitate to contact me should you need to; I am always here to help.
All the best,